Post-Harvey Project Summary – Data Logging at Steep Bank Creek Pump Station

Project Name Data Logging at Steep Bank Creek Pump Station
Short Project Description An automated system to capture and record internal and external water levels.
Additional Technical Information Allow for real-time direct measurements of water levels inside and outside the levee and compare those elevations to Mean Sea Level and the Brazos River gauge at Richmond. The project will also allow for compiling historical data of river levels.
Estimated Total Project Cost (including engineering and contingency) Under $100,000
Estimated LID 19 Cost (if Projects will be shared) and Sharing Basis The project is proposed to be shared between the District and Fort Bend County LID 15. The share split between the two districts is to be determined.
Estimated Schedule TBD
Project Status The district operator is evaluating the pump station to determine the appropriate system to implement.
Financing Source Project will be funded from LID 19’s current cash on hand (general operating fund).