Post-Harvey Project Summary – Emergency Notification Signs

Project Name Emergency Notification Signs
Short Project Description Construction/installation of permanent emergency notification monument signs at critical locations within LID 19.
Additional Technical Information Although LID 19 has a website and emergency messaging options, not all residents within the District are aware of the LID’s website or registered to receive notifications.  During emergencies, especially during events requiring evacuation of the area, prompt messaging to the community is critical.

The LID Board has agreed to construct permanent LED signs within LID 19 to provide emergency notices to residents.  The signs are planned to match the aesthetic quality of existing neighborhood monument signs and will be permanently anchored in place to avoid any risks during high wind events.  All signs are being planned to include backup power in the event of power outages, and messaging can be programmed onsite and offsite.

The LID Board has planned the installation of the first emergency notification sign at the southern entrance of the District at LJ Parkway.  The first sign is planned as a double-sided, color LED panel with surrounding masonry.  The locations and specifications of the additional signs will be determined after evaluation of the first sign.

Estimated Total Project Cost (including design and contingency) $138,000
Estimated Schedule Construction of the first sign is complete at a cost of $67,708.98.

An additional sign can be constructed within 6-9 months of final recommendation by the Board.

Project Status The commencement of repairs to the 1st emergency sign on LJ Parkway has yet to be determined.

The contract for the construction of a 2nd emergency sign on Oilfield Rd. near Creekstone Village Dr. has been awarded.

Financing Source The signs have been funded by LID 19 Bonds through a plan of financing that is projected not to increase current LID 19 tax rates.