Trailer Based Operation Center

Posted: July 27, 2023

Due to the increase in construction and material costs across the country, LID 19 planned to construct an operations room for it’s Operator during emergencies. This was to include a bathroom, sleeping quarters and a shower for the emergency operators that operate our system during events. Due to the pump station costs being higher than expected, this idea had to be scrapped to try and save costs on the less important items.

Although the Boards were determined to take care of their operator, Plan B was to purchase an RV trailer that has been mounted to the ground, so it is safe for operators to be in during an event and high winds. This trailer allows for our emergency operators to have a place to rest and use the facilities for the 24/7 days they are on site operating our system. This trailer was purchased for $22,000 and is on site and ready for operations should it be needed in the future.