We have earlier communicated details about the new, upcoming Lost Creek Pump station with 200,000 gallons per minute (GPM) pumping capacity. The link below will help you understand the background of this new pump station.

The detail engineering and permitting process for this new pump station are now complete. The construction of this project will break ground in the month of July or August (2024).

Please review the three pictures of this planned pump station to get an orientation of the location of this new pump station.

The LID board is very excited about this project.  Once completed, the added pumping capacity of 200,000 GPM will provide significant additional flood resilience for the District and its residents.

Please contact us in case if you have any questions.

Steep Bank Creek Pump Station

Steep Bank Creek Pump Station Expansion Enhances Riverstone’s Flood Resiliency

Left to right: Radhi Iyer (LID 19 Secretary), Sreekanth Pannala (LID 19 Asst Secretary), Commr. Andy Meyers, Kalapi Sheth (LID 19 President), Judge KP George, Jay Parekh (LID 19 VP) and Timothy Benz (LID 19 Asst VP)


In a significant milestone for the Riverstone community, a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony was held on May 26, 2023 to mark the completion of the expansion facilities at the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station. The event, attended by members of the media, esteemed guests, and local officials, including Fort Bend County Judge K.P. George and Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers, celebrated the completion of the project by Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 19 (LID 19) and Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 15 (LID 15).

The Steep Bank Creek Pump Station has a crucial role in the drainage system of Riverstone, a community deeply affected by the devastating Hurricane Harvey in 2017. During the unprecedented rainfall and extraordinary flood levels experienced during the hurricane, approximately 570 homes in Riverstone were flooded. At the time, the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station had a capacity of 80,000 gallons per minute of water.

To bolster flood resiliency temporarily in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, LID 19 and LID 15 acquired supplemental mobile pumps, collectively providing an additional capacity of approximately 80,000 gallons per minute. Recognizing the need for a permanent solution to safeguard the Riverstone community, the boards of LID 19 and LID 15 collaborated to design and construct an expansion facility at the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station.

Following two years of construction, the expansion project at the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station was successfully completed in May 2023. With a total capital expenditure exceeding $9.1 million, this achievement marks the most significant capital improvement initiative undertaken since Hurricane Harvey. Notably, the expansion has increased the pumping capacity of the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station by an impressive 150,000 gallons per minute, significantly enhancing its capability to help manage future weather events with greater efficiency.

Beyond their current efforts, LID 19 remains fully committed to advancing flood mitigation measures. Plans are underway for the construction of the Lost Creek Regional Pump Station, an additional pump station designed to serve the Steep Bank Creek watershed. This collaborative project, led by LID 19 in partnership with Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 115, First Colony Levee Improvement District No. 2, and the Texas Water Development Board, is set to commence construction later this year. Once completed, the Lost Creek Regional Pump Station will deliver a remarkable 200,000 gallons per minute of additional pumping capacity, further reinforcing flood resilience in the Steep Bank Creek watershed.

Residents and stakeholders interested in learning more about the Lost Creek Pump Station project or any other initiatives undertaken by LID 19 are encouraged to attend a meeting of the Board of Directors or contact us through the district’s website.