Emergency Information Signs

This year, our first emergency information sign (Riverstone at Sienna on LJ Parkway) was damaged and replaced. Recently the repair was completed as well as the creation of our second emergency information sign (Creekstone Village on Creekstone Village Drive, near the dog park).

As a reminder, unlike some community signs in developments like Sienna Plantation, our signs are exclusively for LID related emergencies. The primary purpose of the signs is to notify evacuation routes if the need arises and share emergency communication with residents. As such, they will not feature community events or happenings.

Traditionally they will remind residents to sign up for email and or text alerts. When weather events potentially affecting our levees might occur, we will use our website, Facebook page, email blast, text, and these signs to notify residents of the next recommended steps.

If you have any questions, please post on Facebook or through our contact email.