COVID-19 Update

While we all are dealing with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the board of directors for your LID 19 wanted to provide a brief update on the current status of the pump station and other operational matters.

The Steep Bank pump station, connected to LID 19, is operating at prime efficiency. We have full gravity flow, which means any rain can flow into and through the district without impediment. As such, we are not currently pumping and do not anticipate needing to have the pump station pull water out of the area.

Currently, the Brazos River gauge is under 15 feet. Flood stage is at 45 feet. There is rain in the forecast over the next few weeks, but we do not anticipate that the water levels will rise to concerning levels in the near term.

Our monthly meetings continue with some alterations. We have asked non-essential consultants and LID 19 vendors not to attend but provide written updates to the board. These remain open meetings to residents, but due to the governmental restrictions on gatherings of over ten people, we may need to rotate residents into the sessions if need be.

Governor Abbott, on Monday, suspended some open meetings laws to allow for teleconferencing for governmental meetings. This will assist in the official recommendations/requirements to limit face-to-face meetings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We, alongside our legal counsel, are currently developing procedures for the temporary changes.

All of our LID 19 team members are working hard to ensure that the water flow inside the district is not a worry.

If anything changes in the district, we will notify you on the LID 19 website, Facebook page, and if need be through emails and texts.

Year 2 of SWMP – Community Training

LID 19 has entered Year 2 of its Stormwater Management Plan, as submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The plan was prepared in order to prevent pollution of LID 19’s drainage system. Under Year 2 of this plan, LID 19 is required to educate its residents on the effects pollution has on our drainage system.

Please review this brochure for more information.

LID 19 Director Duties

Fort Bend County LID 19 Directors meet each month to make important decisions about the maintenance and operations of the levee. Directors are elected by residents and must stay informed about the many aspects of maintaining a levee and drainage system in order to make the best decisions for its operation.

LID 19 meetings are held on the 4th Friday of each month at the offices of The Muller Law Group in Sugar Land. Consultants that are hired by the district LID 19 meet at this time as well, to answer director questions, bring up issues, and present suggested solutions for activities of the district during the time between meetings. The directors provide oversight to the consultants who manage the day to day of essential services such as levee landscaping, operations, engineering, financial management, communications, and legal issues of the district.

Along with monthly meetings, the directors schedule interim meetings and committee meetings to understand complex issues better and then present additional findings at the board meetings. These interim and committee meetings can include topics such as capital project design, financial and tax matters reports, maintenance issues, and regional flood protection matters.

Partnerships with other jurisdictions are maintained to ensure a collective and planned response during emergencies. Regularly scheduled tabletop exercises with local authorities, including the County, Cities, law enforcement, and other levee improvement districts, provide needed practice for all to understand the lines of communication during an emergency.

The duties of a LID director are ongoing and very important to the success of a levee and drainage system. The operation and maintenance of a levee and drainage system is not a simple task, and LID 19 directors put in many hours to help ensure that residents will be safe from rising floodwaters. For more information about LID 19 priorities, please visit