Pump Testing

LID 19’s supplemental pumps were put to the test with the recent storms. The newly constructed pavement allowed for the deployment of these pumps during the severe rainfall experienced, providing ease of operations. When planning for testing of the pumps to be conducted in mid-May the rain could not be predicted, but the storms provided the opportunity to truly understand the ability of the supplemental pumps to aid in the reduction of the water levels in Steep Bank Creek. These pumps passed the test by reducing water levels quickly and efficiently to avoid structural damage within the district.

These storms also allowed for LID 19 to test the new texting system alerting those registered of pertinent information related to emergency planning and preparedness. Many residents stayed well informed with ease due to this new system. Those interested in signing up to receive important news and updates from the district via text messages are encouraged to text the word LID19 to the number 474747.

With Hurricane Season officially beginning on June 1, preparation for this type of event is paramount. LID 19’s newly-elected board of directors has been working to protect future rising Brazos River waters and heavy rainfall, and residents should prepare their homes and families as well. For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit the Fort Bend County Website, https://fbcoem.org/prepare/build-a-kit. LID 19 residents with questions about emergency preparation may also visit the www.fblid19.com, and email through the ‘contact us’ form for more information.

Many thanks to all that worked tirelessly during the recent rainfall event to protect the property owners of LID 19. Thanks to the board of directors for having the foresight to prepare for future storms by obtaining new pumps to reduce water levels within the levee. Thanks to this community for cooperation and support.