Temporary Pumps and Monitoring Severe Weather

Earlier this morning, LID 19’s operators had scheduled an emergency exercise to set up the temporary supplemental pumps at Steep Bank Creek.  However, due to the prolonged rainfall in the area and the potential adverse impact to the surface of the levee, it was determined to postpone the emergency exercise.   At this time, due to public safety concerns, the LID Board is not soliciting volunteer assistance for the emergency exercise.  Please note, during the emergency exercise, parts of the road may also be inaccessible to ensure public safety as the emergency crews manage heavy piping and equipment.  The LID 19 Board will post photographs of the emergency setup on the website once the exercise is complete.
In addition, LID 19’s Board and consultants have been following the weather forecast closely.  At this time, it does not appear that the area will be severely impacted by tropical storm activity in the Gulf of Mexico.  However, LID 19’s operator is ready for emergency operations if there are any changes to the forecast.