Steep Bank Creek Pump Station Expansion Update August 2021

You may be aware that groundbreaking for the expansion project took place in April this year. Please see the link below for that article.

This article outlines the update of the progress for this project as of last week of July 2021.

Installation of the new pump discharge water duct is well under way. A cut in the levee was needed to initiate this work. However, after installing the required civil work for the new duct outlet, the levee is rebuilt to about 70% of the original height and thus LID is not exposed to the riverside of the levee. In near future, the levee will be built back to 100% of the original height, above the newly installed duct.

The pictures below will give you a visual indication of the work under progress as of last week of July 2021.

Please feel free to inquire if you need further information.