Trespass on Levees

The LID 19 Board is aware that individuals may be accessing the levee system for personal recreational uses.  Please be advised that all access to the levee is strictly prohibited and is considered criminal trespass.

It is of critical importance that public access be restricted to ensure that the LID’s flood protection facilities remain in proper working order.  Motorized vehicles, such as all-terrain motorcyles, can cause ruts and damage that undermine the integrity of the levee.

In addition, the levees are not designed for recreational uses, and they may post safety risks to those individuals who improperly access such facilities.

We encourage you to report all trespass activities to the appropriate law enforcement entities serving your neighborhood, and we request your assistance in advising your family members and neighbors that access to the levees is strictly prohibited.

New Board Member: Timothy Benz

Timothy Benz: I am currently a resident of Stonebrook and I also work here as well, which allows me to always be in the area.

In my career field, I have taken on both small and large projects and have seen the completion of them in a timely manner. Being a team player and someone that sees the big picture will help in overseeing the difficult situations that the LID might come up against now and in the future.