Thursday Morning Update

As new storms are approaching the area, we wanted to provide an update on the current state of water in our district.

Fort Bend County LID #19 – The Steep Bank Creek watershed has the four main pumps that are operating as designed. 5 of the 12 trailer mounted pumps are moving water to aid in the speed of water removal. We expect the remaining seven will be deployed throughout the day. We are currently pumping approximately 120,000 gallons per minute (GPM) out of the watershed. The nine pumps currently active have dropped the water level down 2.5 feet from a high on Wednesday morning. Without rain, it will continue to drop about an inch per hour.

Based on the current rain projections and pumping power the district will be able to move the expected water out of the area. However, during periods of downpours, you may experience street ponding as the rain backs up the sewer drains. Always remember to not drive into high waters.

If any of the projections get increased, we will notify you on the website, and through emails and texts.

Update on Steep Bank Creek

The LID 19 operator and crew continue to work diligently to deploy the 12 additional pumps at the Steep Bank Creek pump station. As of 6 pm today, 5 of the 12 pumps were fully deployed and operational (see pics below). The crew will continue to work overnight to deploy the remaining 7 pumps, with the expectation that they will become fully operational during that time.

The existing pumps at the pump station continue to operate at full capacity without any issue.

As a matter of safety, Thompson Ferry Road has been closed for public traffic. In addition, as a reminder, the pump station site is restricted to LID personnel — no public access is allowed.

As we receive more information, we will be sure to update you.

Additional Pumps at Steep Bank Creek

Below you will see the work setting up the twelve (12) additional pumps being deployed at Steep Bank Creek.

These are new pumps to aid the speed of water removal. The existing pumps in LID 19 are working at full capacity and will continue to work with the supplemental pumps for the duration of the storm event. Please keep in mind that water levels in Steep Bank Creek may appear to be static — as water leaves the watershed through the pump station, additional water from upstream sources will continue to flow downstream.

We will update if there are changes, but it is vital for people in the community to have accurate information directly from the LID.

To be clear…

  • All pumps in LID 19 are working as prescribed. The pumps are keeping up with the water flowing downstream.
  • The new pumps will assist in expediting water removal.
  • To date, there has been no structural flooding in LID 19 or LID 15.