Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Rate

The Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 19 will hold a public hearing on a proposed tax rate for the tax year 2022 on September 22, 2022 at 5:00 pm at Muller Law Group, PLLC, 202 Century Square Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77478. Your individual taxes may increase at a greater or lesser rate, or even decrease, depending on the tax rate that is adopted and on the change in the taxable value of your property in relation to the change in taxable value of all other property. The change in the taxable value of your property in relation to the change in the taxable value of all other property determines the distribution of the tax burden among all property owners.

Visit to find a link to your local property tax database on which you can easily access information regarding your property taxes, including information about proposed tax rates and scheduled public hearings of each entity that taxes your property.

Click here to read the notice.

Update on Restoration of Flatbank Diversion Channel

We have an important update on the much awaited restoration of the Flatbank Diversion Channel. As you might be aware, there is erosion damage that has occurred over the past several months at multiple locations in this channel, which could eventually threaten our levee’s integrity. The Flatbank Diversion Channel is the water body that we cross over on the east side of LID 19 as we go towards Sienna on LJ parkway. LID 19’s board and consultants have been in constant touch with Fort Bend County drainage district to get this project started post Harvey. Finally, the Drainage District has contracted with Lecon to start the project on Tuesday, September 6, weather permitting, and it is anticipated to be completed within 6 months with funds from FEMA and the county. LID 19 consultants are engaged extensively with the county to ensure that the LID 19 levees are properly accessed, monitoring in place to detect any compression of LID19 levees, and have complete access to the levees in case of any emergency operations. The construction may require periodic road closures of LJ Parkway over the Sienna bridge over this 6 months of project. Please drive carefully through these partial closures and avoid the bridge during that time when possible. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out via

Here is the notice from the county with more details about this project: “The Fort Bend County Drainage District has hired Lecon Inc. as the contractor to complete the  Flatbank Channel restoration project. Construction will begin September 6, 2022. Lecon has 182 days to complete the job. The project will consist of  removing the existing unstable soils at the damaged locations. Rock riprap will then be installed at the toe of the slope to prevent erosion along the toe. The slope will then be backfilled and compacted. The disturbed areas shall then be top soiled and vegetated.”