Update on Third Party Engineering Report

Although we had anticipated receipt this week of the Phase 1 report from Aptim, the District’s third party engineer, it appears that delivery of the report will be delayed. In order to ensure the accuracy of its findings, Aptim has been given additional time to conduct its analysis of the design of the District’s facilities. We are confident that Aptim is working hard to provide a timely, thorough, and accurate report. We do not anticipate significant delays, and we will update the website once we know of a new anticipated delivery date.

Status Report on Post-Harvey Action

LID 19’s Board has been notified that the Phase 1 of the third party engineering report will be delivered by the end of this month.  The results of the report will be posted here.  In addition, several improvement projects are underway.

  • Capital Projects:
    • Temporary supplemental pumps (purchased together with LID 15 to provide a total of 80,000 additional gpm) – ordered, June 2018 anticipated delivery.
    • Pump Station at Snake Slough – currently under design.
    • Interconnect for Snake Slough/Steep Bank Creek – currently under design.
    • Interconnect for Alcorn Bayou/Steep Bank Creek – currently under design.
    • Pump Station at Lost Creek – in discussion with other districts within Steep Bank Creek watershed for regional participation.
  • Operations
    • Staff gauges at Steep Bank Creek pump station – ordered
    • Digital emergency bulletin boards – in review
    • Expansion of emergency alert system (text messages, emails, and voicemail) – underway
    • Development of improved communications protocol and website modifications – underway

Additional projects are being considered by the District.  A comprehensive update will be posted here in June 2018.  The LID Board is also working to schedule a community open house meeting in May 2018.

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