2020 Tax Rate

As part of the September LID 19 Board of Directors Meeting, the board voted to lower the LID tax rate from 68 cents down to 56 cents per $100 of assessed value for the 2020 tax year. This change will be a total tax rate reduction of approximately 18% for residents.

The District is primarily responsible for overseeing storm drainage and maintaining the levee system that protects homes from rising water. The District is also working to implement major capital improvements that increase resilience against flooding. The lowered tax rate will still allow the District to continue to provide these improvements and services while also paying down the District’s debt.

District residents are encouraged to stay tuned to www.fblid19.com for news in the District and follow the District Facebook page for updates.

Tropical Storm Beta

Tropical Storm Beta made landfall early Sunday morning and will be providing rains over the next five days. There is some concern over the slow-moving nature of the storm. At current projections, we expect 4-6″ falling during that time.

The Brazos River is still below action stage (14ft), allowing the district to maintain gravity flow. Maintaining gravity flow means that the rain will flow from the district and out of the district to the river without the need to pump water. At this point, we believe that status will last during the water event.

As with all high rain potential events, there may be street ponding or flooding when the storm drains back up. When the rain lessens, the storm sewers will catch up, and any water in the streets will recede. Never drive into high waters.


At current projections, the district resources will be able to absorb this rain event fully. We will update this information if the forecast changes.

Upcoming Storm Notice 1 (Expect Bad Weather/General Preparation)

With severe weather expected in our area, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 19 would like to update you regarding the steps we are taking to protect our community. Currently, all pumps are fully functional (including our portable pumps), and we have full retention available if needed.

The storm is expected to make landfall Tuesday evening; as such, please remove all trash receptacles from the street and avoid parking vehicles in the street until after the event has passed. As you know, our roads act as drainage channels during storm events.

Please be aware that the sewer drains may back up, and street ponding / temporary street flooding is possible in times of torrential downpours. While they will ebb as the rain slows, it is critical that you do not drive into high waters.

If there is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, please call 911.

If conditions change, we will provide updates on the district websiteFacebook page, and, if needed, through emergency texts and emails.

For additional information, visit the City of Sugar Land and the Fort Bend County Emergency Management websites.