Heavy Rainfall Expected This Week

Based on recent weather forecasts, LID 19 is expected to experience heavy rainfall beginning on Friday morning and continuing through early Saturday morning. During this period, temporary isolated street flooding may occur, which is normal within the drainage design of LID 19.

Currently, LID 19’s operator has confirmed that all stormwater detention facilities throughout LID 19 have full available capacity, and that all stormwater outfall gates have free, open passage to Steep Bank Creek and the Brazos River.

2018 Taxes – Installment Payment Plan

Residents who have experienced Harvey-related property damage may request an installment payment plan for their 2018 assessed taxes. To take advantage of this option, the resident must submit a completed “Request for Installment Agreement for Property in Disaster Area for 2018 Taxes” (the “Installment Plan Request”), along with accompanying evidence of Harvey-related property damage (this includes pictures of damage, a FEMA or insurance claim sheet, or repair estimates). The Installment Plan Request and first payment must be made by January 31, 2019. A copy of the required Installment Plan Request can be found by clicking here. If you have any questions regarding your MUD/LID taxes, please call Kristy Hebert at 281-499-1223 or visit http://www.taxtech.net.