Flat Bank Creek Erosion Repair

Flat Bank Creek: Flat Bank Creek is a waterway that separates Riverstone and Sienna Plantation. Residents may notice some erosion along the base of the levee in this area.

The Levee Improvement District 19 (LID 19) Board of Directors wanted to update residents that the Fort Bend County Drainage District is currently conducting erosion repairs around the county. Flat Bank Creek is on that list, and the County Drainage District will repair this area as soon as possible.

When we have confirmed dates, we will update this post.

Board of Directors to Host Two Community Meetings Yearly in May and October

In efforts to boost community involvement, the LID 19 Board of Directors will host two community meetings yearly during the months of May and October. Each meeting will cover an array of topics with a primary focus on flood protection and capital improvement projects in our district. The meetings will also include a Q&A session that addresses issues and concerns submitted by our residents.

Information on date, time, location, and topics of discussion for the October 2019 community meeting will be provided in the coming months. Be sure to visit this website to learn this information.