Water Levels in River

Recently you may have noticed a rise in the river. To remind everyone, once the river reaches a certain level our gates close and we begin pumping any excess water out of the district. High water events are rated minor, moderate and high. This is predicted to be a minor level water event. We do not anticipate any issues. The district equipment is working as expected and the river levels are predicted to drop over the next few days.

Please remember, you may see increased detention pond levels as well as street ponding during heavy rains until we can get water levels pumped down. At this time, all internal levels are empty and we will continue to keep them as low as possible throughout the week as rain enters our area.

We will provide a new post if any of the conditions change. Otherwise we will use this thread to update the water levels periodically through the week.

LID 19 Sells $10,725,000 in Bonds

On April 4, 2019, LID 19 sold bonds in the amount of $10,725,000. Proceeds from the sale of bonds will be applied toward several capital improvement projects, including the expansion of pumping capacity at the Steep Bank Creek pump station.

Based on the current assessed valuation in LID 19, the bonds are not projected to result in a tax rate increase.

Make sure to regularly visit Project Updates for updates on these capital improvement projects.

New Board Director for Precinct 2

After reviewing applications submitted for the vacant Board Director position, the Board Directors of LID 19 are happy to welcome Glenn Wong to the Board. Effective March 22, 2019, the following individuals will serve on the Board of Directors:

Precinct 1: Kalapi Sheth (President)
Precinct 2: Glenn Wong (Assistant Vice-President)
Precinct 3: John Arndt (Assistant Secretary)
Precinct 4: Dean Cooper (Vice-President)
Precinct 5: Radhika Iyer (Secretary)

Please refer to this district map here to learn which director represents your precinct.