Additional Pumps at Steep Bank Creek

Below you will see the work setting up the twelve (12) additional pumps being deployed at Steep Bank Creek.

These are new pumps to aid the speed of water removal. The existing pumps in LID 19 are working at full capacity and will continue to work with the supplemental pumps for the duration of the storm event. Please keep in mind that water levels in Steep Bank Creek may appear to be static — as water leaves the watershed through the pump station, additional water from upstream sources will continue to flow downstream.

We will update if there are changes, but it is vital for people in the community to have accurate information directly from the LID.

To be clear…

  • All pumps in LID 19 are working as prescribed. The pumps are keeping up with the water flowing downstream.
  • The new pumps will assist in expediting water removal.
  • To date, there has been no structural flooding in LID 19 or LID 15.

Update: May 7, 2019 @ 9:00 PM

As an update to yesterday’s post, we wanted to include the latest hydrologic predictions for the Brazos River at Richmond. This reading serves as a barometer to the severity of a storm. As you can see at 8:15 pm tonight they accounted for an increase in predicted rainfall. The river is still expected to fall during the weekend, but for the next few days, we will be entering into a flood stage.

What does that mean?

Any water level in the Brazos at Richmond that rises to 45 feet is considered a flood stage. From 45’ to 48’ it is considered a “minor flood stage.” At 48 feet it is considered a “moderate flood stage.” Higher than 50’ is a Harvey type event and is a “major flood event.” You can find this information here. At this time the event is still considered to be a “minor flood stage.”

LID 19 Response

Over the past week, the levee operator (LMS) has been pumping down the water levels in preparation for the event. As you may recall after Harvey LID 19 and LID 15 purchased twelve (12) portable pumping units adding additional power for the district. These are located at the Steep Bank Pump Station and are expected to be pumping this week in addition to the standard pumps. These portable units will add an extra 81,000 gallons per minute pumping power to the district.

As a reminder during rain events, you will see higher levels of water in the ponds and levees. Periods of heavy rains may produce ponding on the streets. These will be temporary situations as the pumps catch up to a downpour. Please drive safely and do not attempt to drive into high waters.

We will post the hydrologic indicators and provide additional updates throughout the event.